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There's a war going on just outside your door. I'm not referring to the war in Iraq, Afghanistan or Israel. Those wars are only symptoms of a greater war; the war against Mother Nature, a battle for life itself.
The destruction of the environment is the most important issue that all the inhabitants of this world face now and will face more and more in the future, if it still exist. Hand in hand with the destruction of the earth is the destruction of Her inhabitants because you cannot separate this planet from its life forms.
The most profound act a person can do these days is the have the courage to care about the suffering of others. The need to extend our compassion outside of ourselves, our small circle of family and friends could never be more vital. In our times the atrocities committed against animals in the name of human progress is the most important issue facing us all, most all other issues stem from it. Water pollution, soil erosion, chemical pollution, dying oceans, the extinction of many species of animals, deforestation, poverty and all forms of violence including war. The exploitation of others only leads to suffering for all.




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