Integral Yoga(インテグラル・ヨガ)オフィシャルサイト:ホットヨガしようよ!東京発ホットヨガ無料情報de体脂肪燃焼!
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Integral Yoga(インテグラル・ヨガ)オフィシャルサイト

Integral Yoga(インテグラル・ヨガ)オフィシャルサイト

Every human being longs for happiness and seeks it according to his or her own development. Some seek to satisfy the ever changing physical, emotional, and intellectual aspects of personality. Others, having learned from experience, seek a permanent happiness.
It has been taught by countless sages and saints throughout the ages that true and lasting happiness is our very own nature: what we seek is already found within. This is the nameless One that has been given many names: the Indweller of all beings, the Self, God, Brahman, Jehovah, Allah, Cosmic Consciousness, Nirvana, the Kingdom of God within, and the Source of all Life.
Since it is infinite, it can be experienced only when we rise above the finite personality. Yoga is both this experience and the means to this experience.
As one practices yoga, the body, emotions, and intellect become perfected tools for service to humanity. At the same time, all obstacles to the realization of perfect happiness gradually drop away.
Integral Yoga is a synthesis of methods that develops all sides of the spiritual aspirant. It is a scientific system verifiable by anyone who practices sincerely.




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Integral Yoga(インテグラル・ヨガ)オフィシャルサイト:ホットヨガしようよ!東京発ホットヨガ無料情報de体脂肪燃焼!